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Skeren Watch Group Custom Wall Art Design Portfolio

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Lucky Luke Urinal design, added a bit of fun to the men’s loo!

Lucky Luke custom wall art design

Bit of challenge this one! They asked for something out there and fun, said I had complete Carte Blanche, so this really cool wall art decal or sticker, as some say, was lots of fun designing.

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Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones wallart

Skeren imports and distributes brand name watches and more, so I had to use this 🙂

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Custom watch design on the meeting room and office spaces  floating glass “walls”

Boardroom glass

Staying in the time theme we designed and applied this watch design in white wall art vinyl on all the glass. You can also use sandblasted vinyl to create any custom wall art design you want! A much better way to stop people walking into the glass!

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