Pacman Wall Sticker

Pacman Wall Sticker. Sizes indicated for the height of the yellow Pacman and Inky, Pinky etc. We have arranged them as per the image but you can arrange them as you want! If you want to change the colors email us,

A – you get 1.2m of white/black dots

B – you get 2.4m of white/black dots

C – you get 3.6m of white/black dots

Option for black dots

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Currently Dark red: (Currently: )
Currently Sky Blue: (Currently: )
Currently Bright Orange: (Currently: )
Currently Yellow: (Currently: )
Currently Lime Green: (Currently: )
Currently Soft Pink: (Currently: )
Currently White (Eyes will remain white only dots will change): (Currently: )
Currently Black: (Currently: Black)
View Design on YOUR Wall Background (Use this if you'd like to preview this design on your home wall color. This flat colour is not printed as a part of the design. It is for viewing purposes only.)

Actual colours may vary from the colour on your screen due to monitor colour restrictions. The sizes indicated for the design are the overall area it will cover.