Asteroids Wall Art Vinyls

Choosing paint for the walls of your boy’s bedroom should only be the first step of creating a safe space that will become an extension of his personality. Let your imagination run wild with our fantastic selection of geometric asteroid, space ship and UFO wall art stickers! Position the stickers to tell sweeping stories of great space adventures of which your boy is the central character and hero! You can choose your geometric asteroid wall art from our wide selection of colours and even test it against the colour of your walls by using the wall background preview function on this page.

Asteroids : (Currently: )
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View Design on YOUR Wall Background (Use this if you'd like to preview this design on your home wall color. This flat colour is not printed as a part of the design. It is for viewing purposes only.)

Actual colours may vary from the colour on your screen due to monitor colour restrictions. The sizes indicated for the design are the overall area it will cover.