Custom Designs

September 2021

We often think that to have nice things in life we need to pay for them. In some cases this might be true but often we over look the every day gifts, like a beautiful sunrise or a soft pink sunset to reward us for a hard days work. Taking the time to observe the small details in our lives takes a little more observation. This morning I noticed the little white flowers popping up along the side of the road like a soft white carpet. Where do they come from? Such a beautiful gift first thing in the morning. Nice things are all around us and they do not have to be material.

On the note of “not everything nice has to cost a fortune” we at wall art pride ourselves on supplying wall decals that are not only affordable but will make a huge difference to your decor. The beauty of it is when you have tired of your decor no prob, remove it and replace it it without the guilt of having paving paid a fortune for it. Have fun with flowers, butterflies and all things beautiful and brighten up walls, hide flaws and give way to your creative energies.

We try to continually come up with fun and creative ideas so if you would like something designed or personalised we are only too happy to create it at no extra charge. That’s what we love to do!