Custom Designs

Richard’s bistro wallart project

This was a tricky custom wallart decal design as there is a whole lot of wall space to cover without making it look cluttered! The client, Richard Loring,  was quite specific about what he wanted and I had to somehow put this to paper and custom design the wallart stickers and decals! The initial design process approximately 2 months!

This one is the first of 4 walls, we had to create a feeling of a busy restaurant at all times!

This is the second wall on their deck outside the restaurant…

It isn’t finished yet! but what I wanted to accomplish here was to make it look vibey at all times! I designed a whole bunch of people sitting and doing what most people do when they socialise! EAT, DRINK, BE MERRY!! Pretty nifty hey? The canopy of trees are also wall art vinyl stickers or decals as some prefer to call them! Even niftier……


Now this one is pretty cool! Love the sexy lady flirting away with the dude! Check out my awesome champagne cooler? FABULOUS, so Seapoint!

Flowers still need their yellow bits!

Here we have an awesome band with Baby Grand, sultry singer and some funky musicians! Some of the detail was incomplete when I took this pic, but I couldn’t wait! I’ll definetly post the complete pic soon as it is simply divine!


Well, this is one of my favourites! I took an old picture of the Adderley street flowers sellers circa 1800’s,  photoshopped it to fit it in a 9 x 1.7m space added a splash of colour to the flowers and Voila! This was a digital print whihc we outsourced to another company for printing, click here for more info on digital printing Contact us


I AM DONE FOR THE DAY! There is so much more but I’ll get to that next week! Off to the winelands for a bit of fun!

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