July 2021

M7 Travis Scott wall art

So we are half way through a rather interesting year but the part that gets me the most is it is already July. I mean where does time seriously go. Even though some of us have been sitting at home twiddling our thumbs, yes like me, I got the dreaded Covid and almost climbed my walls with boredom. But instead of climbing those walls I had a better idea now was the time I could spend being creative and what better way than planning a couple of cool wall stickers. I am currently renting after selling my house unexpectedly well it was expected but not so quickly. We need to see the year out in my sons current school and then we move again. So excited to pack those boxes…again. Sorry I am digressing where was I oh yes my walls, well as I am not planning on staying long so the decals are a prefect way to decorate, brighten or just funk up a room without costing you a small fortune. The best part is they are super easy to apply and remove and will not damage walls. My boys rooms were especially fun to do, they are both at that precarious teenage phase so my youngster chose Travis Scott, check him out he has officially been added to our website. My eldest bless his soul was not an easy one in fact to be honest I am still only at the grunting stage with him so maybe in a week or two he will splutter something about yes mom it would be great if you could have a bla bla bla wall decal.

Onto super exciting things, we have upgraded our website and hopefully the experience will be a pleasurable one for you, any feedback is welcome. I have tried to keep it clean, fresh and fast with a super easy shopping experience. The real work starts for me now adding all our new super cool decals, but remember we also custom designs so shout if you need anything personalised, we make it up at no extra charge.

Well short and sweet for me on this cool, crisp but thankfully sunny day in July, I shall return with some fab ideas and tips for those nervous DIY’ers. For now stay safe and healthy.