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How to install Wall Art Decals and Stickers

This is our Vinyl Wall Art Decals and Stickers installation guide. Our Wall Art Decals and Stickers are easy to install with the most basic of tools. We have hundreds of designs to choose from and to use your imagination with, we are happy to design your own bespoke decal and sticker piece at no extra cost.

What you’ll need to apply your Wall Art Decal and Sticker:

  • Masking tape
  • Craft knife
  • Credit card
  • Tape measure

Installation Preparation:

First, select and decide on the wall you will be using for your wall art.

Then decide from our wide selection of wall art decals/stickers on our website, select a category, or simply contact us with your query and if we don’t have the design, you are looking for then we will design it for you. 

If you select a design from our website, you can select your colours and even add your wall colour so you can see how your decal will look. Select the size, and direction you want your decal to face and then simply add to the cart, check out, and voila you will have your order in a couple of days.

Wall Art Decals can be applied to a myriad of smooth indoor surfaces including but not limited to; painted walls, ceilings, floors, tiles, windows, fridges, furniture, glass, mirrors, metal, plastic, and more. With extra care, Wall Art Stickers can be applied to certain textured surfaces but Wall Art Studios cannot guarantee the finish. Note that they will not adhere to lime wash, Heathcote walls, or Wash & Wear paint. 

When applying Wall Art Decals to a painted surface you will need to ensure that there is a minimum of 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of paint left to dry for a minimum of 3 weeks to cure before you can apply your wall decal. Note that if your paint is peeling or cracked, these areas will need to be touched up before applying your decal. The glue will also not adhere or stick to a wall with dampness and may start peeling off, we don’t want that to happen. If your design is destined for glass, tile, plastic, or metal surface, use water with a tiny amount of dishwashing liquid making sure the decal is fully dry before removing the clear application tape.

The vinyl requires warmth to stick properly to any surface so keep in mind if it’s winter you can heat the room or use a bit more of that elbow grease to make sure your artwork application never fails. To test if your wall/ceiling/floor is ready for your artwork simply apply some masking tape or a small piece of the decal or sticker to the surface first. 

Once you’ve chosen your design and have received your decal carefully unwrap it, taking into account the decal will be wrapped around the tube and not placed inside it. 

How to Install wall art decal/sticker: 

Now for the easy and fun part! 

Step 1: Prepare Your Surface and Decal/Sticker

Make sure your wall is clean, wipe it down with a cloth, and if it is very dirty clean with sugar soap, this part is important because our decals do not like dirt and wall have a lot of dust particles and residue that could affect the adhesion of your wall art decal/sticker. Ensure the wall is dry completely before proceeding to the next step. 

Note: You will need to allow a freshly painted wall to cure 2-3 weeks before installing your decal/sticker.

Take your wall art decal/sticker out of the packaging and lay it on a table or any flat hard surface. Smooth it out and give it a good rub down to remove/flatten any rolls or wrinkles. If your decal/sticker curls up, you can weigh it down with books or something heavy to keep it in place until you have smoothed and rubbed your decal/sticker down.

Step 2: Position the Decal/Sticker on the Wall

Now place it on the wall where you would like it to go, do not remove the application tape or backing paper at this stage, we are simply placing it on the wall with masking tape to see where we want it. This allows you to preview the arrangement and its location on your wall. With the larger designs, you will need to use the letters to match up the design using a 2mm overlap. 

Take a step back and make sure your positioning is correct as decals/stickers are not movable once stuck down. Cut each strip of the masking tape around the outline of the decal with the craft knife making sure you leave the remaining tape on the wall as a marker for when you install the decal/sticker. This will help you align your decal later once you have removed the backing sheet.

Step 3: Transfer the Decal/Sticker to the Wall

Great looking good, now take your decal/sticker and place it on the table again application tape face down, (that’s the transparent side) give it another rub down and peel the white backing paper off. Peel back at a 180-degree angle so fold it back against itself and peel back. If the sticker remains on the white paper no worries stick back down on the application tape rub down and peel back again. This is likely to happen so don’t get frustrated. Go slowly and patiently until you have removed the white paper completely and you are left with the decal on the application tape. Take your time with this process!

Step 4: Smooth the Decal/Sticker

Now you have your decal/sticker on the transparent application tape, simply hold up to the masking tape markers to position it correctly and rub it down. 

If you find little bubbles appearing, prick with a pin and gently push the air out with your fingers or credit card.

Use a smooth and firm motion to burnish the decal/sticker onto the wall.

Step 5: Now step back and admire

Step 6: Note

Remember you can wipe down your wall decal/sticker with a damp cloth, do not use any harsh abrasives. Our Vinyl is of great quality and should last easily 5 years plus, we have clients who still have beautiful decals/stickers after 10 years. If you are nervous to install it or just don’t have the time, we can install it for you in the Western Cape.

How to Remove Wall Art Decals/Stickers?

To remove your decal/sticker simply peel it off if you find it is not coming off easily simply heat it with a hairdryer. For windows, metals, fridges. clean residue with rubbing alcohol.

 Wall Art Studios offers Wall Art Decals/Stickers and Peel & Stick designs galore, add a splash of your personality anywhere you like with unique artistic concepts or quotation style decals right for any form of expression. Scroll through dozens of categories from Animals to Technology, Abstract to Sports and so much more, and don’t forget about the kids, from Captain America to Unicorns. 

Or did you envision something a bit grander? Wall Art Studios has an amazing selection of full Wall Murals and Wallpaper designs that will quite simply take your breath away. Wake up to the scene of a tranquil stream, stare out to sea with your morning cup of coffee, put your desk in the middle of the city, enjoy your relaxation time amongst fields of lavender or just have that bit of vibrant colour you so dearly need in your life. 

The options don’t end there, if you have an image of what you would like all you need to do is talk to the professionals at Wall Art Studios to create your dream. You’ve already got that perfect picture, just send it on to the team and they will make it a reality. 

If this all seems a bit too much or you want to be 100% sure your Wall Art is professionally applied and you are in the Cape Town or Johannesburg areas all you need to do is drop Wall Art Studios a line. 

Would you like us to quote you on an installation?

Email us the vector file (line art) in a pdf, ai, cdr or eps format on info@wallartstudios.com or to find your heart’s content of designs simply click on the link to our website https://wallartstudios.com