Frequently asked questions

Have a question about your wall decal or wall sticker? See below for some common questions and answers. Still can’t find it? Contact us today!

Ordering & Shipping FAQs

Q. What forms of payment does Wallart Studios accept?

EFT, SnapScan, Payfast or online banking. Paypal link can be requested via email. 

Q. How long does it take for my order to arrive?

South Africa: If you are in Cape Town it can be arranged for collection at our studio in 123 Main Road, Paarl, 7646. +27 82 468 7558. (please call in advance to confirm this arrangement)

Once we receive the proof of payment it takes anything from 2-5 working days for us to prepare your order. Every order is unique and is custom-made to your requirements, therefore we do not keep any items in stock.

There may be times when we are extremely busy and the orders could take a little longer but we will notify you.

Courier services are 1-3 working days. All our shipping methods have a tracking system. For international orders please contact us for shipping costs.

Q. How much is shipping?

South Africa:

Door to Door Courier:

National – R280.00

Limpopo – R600.00

Cape Town areas – R220.00

This is the fastest way to get your items delivered to your physical address. Delivery will be within 48 hours from dispatch to all major cities. Outlaying areas will be between 48-72 hours.

Post Office: (not available due to parcels going missing)

International Shipping:

Please Contact Us for a quote before ordering so we can confirm the shipping costs.

Q. What is Wallart Studio’s return policy?

If we have made an error with your vinyl or it is damaged, you may return it within 14 days for an exchange or store credit, as long as the product is in it’s original condition and packaging and has not been applied to any surface. Custom orders are non-returnable/non-refundable. Please contact us prior to returning your order. We do not offer credit back on shipping. If your order was damaged during shipping, we will happily offer you a replacement at no charge. Please provide photographs of the damaged packaging before opening and the damage to your wall decal. Please note: we will only replace the damaged decal, once we have received it and we don’t pay for any return courier costs.

Avoid choosing the wrong color vinyl by requesting a sample of vinyl. Please Note: If you placed the order incorrectly via our site then we will replace the vinyl at an additional cost but only once we have received the order.

Products & Designs FAQs

Q. I hear that vinyl wallart is basically a sticker, right? Why decorate with a sticker?

The idea behind vinyl wall art/lettering is that of a sticker, which makes it GREAT for decorating! A wall decal or wall sticker, is easy to apply, affordable, and completely removable. The vinyl we use is a decorator grade vinyl that can last for up to 5 years inside and has a matte sheen. When applied, it looks like it has been hand painted by an expert artist (without the mess or expense). You just can’t go wrong with vinyl wall art and its infinite possibilities!

Q. Can I reuse my vinyl decal?

Unfortunately, vinyl wall designs cannot be reused. It has a sticker-like quality that, once placed on the surface, will tear and become distorted when trying to remove

Q. Will vinyl wallart damage my walls?

No. The vinyl we use is high-quality decorator vinyl that will last for up to 5 years indoors. It has a clear adhesive that leaves no residue, but sometimes it does cause flakes of paint to come off and these might need to be touched up.

Please note: You must have at least 2 coats of paint on your wall, the vinyl sticks to your paint, if your paint has not been applied properly with a primer and 2 coats the application tape might pull the paint off the wall. Take some masking tape or test a small piece before you apply your decal.

This makes it great for decorating your home, apartment, dorm and place of business. (Please note:  If you place your vinyl wall art on a surface where the paint is already peeling or cracking, it could cause more paint to flake off , just as painters tape would do the same thing.) Our vinyls also react to damp in walls, so if you’re applying the vinyl to a damp wall it might peel off.

With cold walls or winter conditions, the glue takes a bit longer to activate, so you should either warm the room or just keep rubbing the vinyl until it sticks.

Q. Can I wash Wallart once applied?

Yes, you can clean your WallArt with a mild mixture of soap and water. Or a cloth. Note that abrasive cleaners and harsh chemicals may damage the vinyl.

Q. How long will my vinyl design last?

Your vinyl design will last indoors up to 5 years or more.

Q. To what kinds of surfaces can I apply vinyl wallart?

Just about any smooth surface will work great  walls, tiles, windows,ceilings, floors, metal, plastic surfaces, fridges, furniture, glass, mirrors and more. You can apply your designs to textured walls with a little extra care and attention. We cannot guarantee the finish on the textured walls. If you have lime washed walls, earthcote (or similar product) the vinyl will not stick due to the powdery residue. The vinyl will NOT stick to wash & wear paint which is specifically made for nothing to stick to it. “Kid proof paint” is one of them as even a permanent marker can be washed off.

Please Note: Freshly painted walls need at least 5-7 days to dry before applying your Wall Art. In Winter, if your room or walls are cold, the adhesive takes a bit longer to activate. Slowly and patiently peel it off and keep rubbing the vinyl with your finger until it sticks.

When applying to glass, tiles, cars or plastics: use water with a tiny bit of dishwashing liquid, apply the decal, squeegee all the water and bubbles out, sometimes leave it for a few hours before you remove the clear tape. Again, if the surface is very cold it takes longer to adhere.

Please note: You must have at least 2 coats of paint on your wall, the vinyl sticks to your paint, if your paint has not been applied properly with a primer and 2 coats the application tape might pull the paint off the wall. Take some masking tape or test a small piece before you apply your decal.

Q. How do I remove the wallart?

To remove the stickers you can use a hair-dryer to warm up and reactivate the glue, then carefully peel it away. After removing the sticker you can clean up slick surfaces like glass, metal (i.e. fridges, washing machines), and non-porous tile with methylated spirits. Usually you can simply peel up an edge of the sticker and slowly peel it off the wall. We cannot guarantee perfect condition of your walls once our stickers are removed: small bits of paint might come off due to the adhesive nature of the vinyl.

Please Note: Please allow time for your painted walls to fully dry before using the sticker (2-3 weeks). If applied before the paint is fully dry, the adhesive from the graphic could bond more strongly to the paint, potentially causing some paint to come off when decals are removed. Usually stickers just peel off with no problems and no damage to surfaces. However, the condition of some painted surfaces and the location of your wall sticker can mean that some paint flecks are also removed. Depending on a combination of these factors, minor paint touch-ups could be required after removal. We are not liable for possible damage to surfaces.

Q. Can I apply to recently painted walls?

If you have painted recently it is recommended you wait for at least 4-5 days (in the Summer) before you apply any stickers. In Winter this increases to 5-7 days.

Please note: Please allow time for your painted wall to fully dry before applying the decal ( 4-5 days or more in winter 5-7 days). if applied before the paint is fully dry the chemicals or water that are still being released from the paint will react with the adhesive glue and your decal will literally fall of the wall.

Please note: You must have at least 2 coats of paint on your wall, the vinyl sticks to your paint, if your paint has not been applied properly with a primer and 2 coats the application tape might pull the paint off the wall. Take some masking tape or test a small piece before you apply your decal.

Q. I’m not sure of the colour swatch on the screen. How do I know what the right colours are?

We can send you a colour sample of the design you’re after. We understand that it can be hard to determine colour online. Contact us with the colors you would like to view, and we will send them out ASAP.

For South Africa enquiries:

Custom Designs – FAQ

Q. I want to order a custom design. How do I do that? How much do you charge?

Wall Art Studios will discuss your custom designs ideas and work to come up with something you will truly cherish. If you have a strict budget we will work within the budget amount specified. If you have designed your own wall art decal you may email us the vector file (line art) in a pdf, ai, cdr or eps format.

Q. What sizes are available?

Think BIG! The size is up to you! We have standard sizes on the website, but we can re-size any design according to your specifications or space.

Installation – FAQs

Q. Can I install my vinyl design myself?

Installing your Vinyl is easy and fun, you can do this yourself, but if you are nervous we do offer installation in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Please see PDF for installation instructions.